Surge aresters

Since January 2007 OLMEX S.A. in Wojtowo near Olsztyn is the exclusive representative on polish market of AREVA Parafoundres S.A. from France. On the basis of this agreement we supply medium and high voltage no-spark surge arresters in silicon insulation.

Surge arresters are key equipment, that allows to obtain required level of electrical network. Proper protection against surges provides both safety of staff and of equipment. Thanks to that it is possible to make working cost optimum.
Ours surge arrester VARASIL are design to protect switchgear, transformers and others devices against surges.

Surge arresters manufactured by AREVA are made on the basis of 50 years of experience. Surge arresters consist of monoblocks made of metal oxides in proper class of energy absorption. The higher absorption of energy, the bigger diameter of monoblock is. Rated voltage of surge arrester is controlled at production stage by quantity of monoblocks inside arrester.

There are available following parameters of absorption in reference to class line discharge:
LDC 1 ( class of discharge 1) : 4.8 kJ / kV by Uc
LDC 2 ( class of discharge 2) : 5.2 kJ / kV by Uc
LDC 3 ( class of discharge 2) : 7.2 kJ / kV by Uc

All surge arresters, that are in scope of our supply are outdoor type and have external cover made of silicon rubber. Polymer technology without internal use of gas, allows to obtain higher electrical parameters and to combine reliability with easy installation and better operation conditions. Thanks to fiberglass used to reinforce structure of monoblocks braid, surge arresters are explosive resistant, what prevents mechanical damages of substation equipment.

Ours offer covers selection, delivery and service of surge arresters manufactured by AREVA T&D. We offer following devices:
1. Varasil HE in the range 5.36 kV voltage. Surge arrester in class 1 is available in two versions: version : "NO" and version "SnD2"

2. Varasil HE-S in the range 5.42 kV voltage. Surge arrester in class 1, which may be used as a retaining insulator for protected line.

3. Varasil HI in the range 5.144 kV voltage. Surge arrester in class 2 for protection of substations.

4.Varasil HTS in the range 5.198 kV voltage. Surge arrester in class 3 for protection of substations.

For each type of surge arrester we offer wide choice of top terminals, normal and insulated footings and surge counter with measurement indicator of leakage current .

Surge arrester HE type
Surge arrester HE S type
Surge arrester HI type
Surge arester HTS type
Surge counter MDC-3