The history

History: OLMEX S.A.

It the end of the 1980's, two university employees of the Agricultural Academy in Olszytn Poland registered a small, but pioneering company, PBW Olmex Ltd. The primary goal of the company was "reactive power compensation." This was the beginning of Olmex.

At that time in Poland, no one thought about saving electricity and power factor corrections was a new and unheard of engineering science.

Twenty years later PBW Olmex SA is a country leader in the Polish energy market.

Olmex implemented the ISO 9001 - 2000 quality control system in 2001. It was done for the most important reason, to better serve our customers. Our number of customers continues to grow year after year. The company has continued to grow and develop to handle its new customers. In 2006 we moved to a new office complex and manufacturing site built from the ground up in nearby Wójtowo, just 5 kilometers from Olsztyn. We have several regional offices located throughout the whole county, Katawice, Wrocław, Toruń, Lublin, and Łódż. The name Olmex is well known throughout the entire Polish energy market, recognized for quality, reliability, service, and competency in its activities.

Along the way, the company has developed new scopes of activities, and is not limited to power factor correction, however this branch of our services remains strong. One example is our project in 2007 implemented for Polish National Grids. Olmex put into operation the capacitor bank systems on 7 substations each with a huge summary power of 280 MVAR. It was the biggest Polish investment in reactive power compensation to date.

At present our company consist of three departments: a Substation Devices Department, a Measurement and Control Equipment Department, and a Production and Service Department. For the last three years we have been working on adding a new department, the Turnkey Substation Department, which will be a supplement to the existing three departments.

Olmex is still expanding our scope of activities and equipment for all voltage levels. We are a well know company working closely with new engineering technology. We have been cooperating with the University of Olszytn, Polytechnic Institute in Warsaw, AGH in Krakow, and many other centers of learning throughout the whole country. We have continuing partnerships with the Energy Institute in Warsaw, and the Cigre and Polish Electrical Associations. Annual energy seminars organized by Olmex have become a tradition. Many guest speakers from around the world have attended, to include, Japan, Germany, Croatia, China, and others. This is one of the ways Olmex contributes to the spread of innovative technologies on the Polish market.

The company has a 20 year history and tradition of value. Olmex has won many awards to include Top Masur, and General Manager and founder Przemysław Chojnowski, PHD, has also repeatedly been recognized as a best manager. In 2005 the company was nominated for an economic award granted by the Polish President. In 2007 Olmex was recognized in the Gazete Biznesu for its excellent financial results, rapid development, and reliability in business dealings. That same year, during the Energetab Exhibition, Olmex received from President Lech Wałęsa an award for an innovative product. In 2011 the company received recognition from Forbes Magazine and the Minister of the Economy for their R & D Center.

Olmex is not only engaged in business and research, but is also involved in social activities and charities to help improve Poland.